Our Very First Barkbox Unboxing

Hello, everyone! Gunther here.

A green box came today, delivered right to the doorstep. Mom and our little people were excited…until they weren’t. Apparently, this thing they’d been waiting for–this “Barkbox”–was covered in a red waxy substance and wrapped in cling wrap. There was a note, too, from the Postal Service, saying they were sorry for the mess. Something had gone terribly awry in the shipping process. Personally, I think one of those shelf elves was causing havoc in the distribution center.

Mom wasn’t sure if we’d have to send the package back. She said that if the spill had gotten onto the toys or treats, they wouldn’t be safe for us to chew on. This, naturally, piqued our interest. Was this Barkbox…for us?

Fast forward a bit, and Dad got home from work. He and Mom talked, and they decided to open the box, just to see if the mess leaked inside. We waited, cautiously optimistic. What was in the box? Was it really ours?

They pulled back the cellophane and opened the lid. Inside, the festive red paper was clean, much to everyone’s relief.

We gathered ’round the coffee table like eager pups. And it was…beautiful. Mom said it was “Grinch” themed, but I still have no clue what that means. All I cared about were the two bags of treats–glorious, glorious treats–in flavors like Duck, Duck, Feast and One Lamb for You, All for Me. Dad accidentally spilled the entire bag of duck treats on the floor, so for a split-second, it was a free-for-all. Unfortunately, he and Mom picked them up pretty quickly.

We got three fun toys (Mom ordered during a promo. It’s usually only two toys), including a Super Chewer toy, which seems to be a great surprise upgrade. Duncan and Toby are already loving them all.

We all took turns wearing the ridiculous great antlers that came with the set as well. Mom and Dad seem to love the awful wonderful things, so I’m sure they won’t disappear until after Christmas.

Rumor has it there was some kind of meaty chew in the box, but I believe it was whisked away until there’s enough for each of us pups.

All in all, how do we feel about our very first Barkbox? We’ll give it five paws up. The quality was great, the treats didn’t have grains, and the theme was fun for our humans. We’ll definitely continue the subscription.

Interested in getting your own Barkbox? Click here to check it out!

This is our own honest opinion, and we were not sponsored by the company to do this post. This page contains a referral link. If you sign up for a subscription with Barkbox after clicking the link, we’ll get a free box. 🙂


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